Ideal Alpaca Community

The Ideal Alpaca Community is a group of like minded breeders who believe in the ultimate potential of the alpaca. We are joined together by common principles and goals. Our collective purpose is to raise genetically superior alpacas that produce high volumes of fine fleece.

We share a belief in the Ideal Alpaca Breed Standards, Ideal Alpaca Type, and the use of progeny-tested, impact sires we call Studmaster” males. It is through these males and their progeny that the genetic improvement of our individual herds will be assured.

Alpaca Owners Association Inc
AOBA is the leader of a sustainable and viable alpaca livestock industry.
Mission: To facilitate the expansion of a strong and sustainable alpaca industry through the growth and development of the national herd and its products.

Alpaca Registry Inc

Alpaca Registry, Inc (ARI), headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska is the largest alpaca pedigree registry in the world. ARI is the only organization of its kind in the United States, but also registers alpacas in Canada and other countries throughout the world.

Using advanced DNA technology, ARI validates the parentage of alpacas submitted for pedigree registration.

Columbia Alpaca Breeders Association

Columbia Alpaca Breeders Association is a non-profit organization of alpaca breeders in the Northwest. We are dedicated to supporting breeders and to promoting public awareness of alpacas and their luxurious natural fiber. We are a regional affiliate of the national Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association and are well known for our prestigious CABA Classic halter and fleece show held in Portland every May. CABA represents some of the nation’s largest and most respected alpaca breeders, as well as some of the smallest and newest. Our diverse membership is comprised of industry leaders, hobby farmers, sustainable agriculture enthusiasts, and fiber artists. Although diverse, our members have one thing in common – their passion for these unique animals and the growth of the alpaca industry. We take pride in working together to improve the breeding, raising, and marketing of alpacas and their products.