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Benefits of Alpaca Fibers

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Alpaca fibers have received a lot of attention from fiber enthusiasts and fans of fashion alike over the last few years. Wondering what all the fuss is about? The answer lies in the quality, durability, and hypoallergenic quality of the fibers. The following benefits may astound you: read on to learn exactly what gives alpaca fibers a leg up over traditional wool. Want to learn even more? Contact our farm!

1. Lightweight and Strong

Alpaca fibers are lighter than sheep’s wool, so you need not worry about a bulky or heavy quality to this material. This quality makes alpaca fibers the number one choice for use in apparel, as well as other fiber crafts, including felting and blanket-making.

Though lightweight, alpaca fibers are still seven times stronger than sheep’s wool. If you’re seeking durability as well as beauty and comfort, look no further than alpaca fibers.

2. Hypoallergenic

Forget itchy, scratchy wool sweaters. Alpaca fibers are soft on the skin, lacking the sharp barbs that sheep’s wool contains, which can prick the skin and introduce allergens. Alpaca wool is an excellent apparel choice for anyone looking to avoid skin irritation, allergic reactions, and to enjoy a soft, supportive experience.

3. Warm

Wool is warm, sure . . . but alpaca fibers contain hollow cores, which, like the hair of polar bears and camels, insulate even more heat by retaining what is already produced by the body. Alpaca originated in frigid, high-altitude climates in South America, and their fibers tell the story of creatures thriving in icy temperatures, helping the wearer to do the same (in a more comfortable climate, hopefully). If you want no-fail warmth, look no further than alpaca fibers.

4. Zero Lanolin

Lanolin is a fatty substance often used as a base for ointments that must be removed from wool before it can be made into garments and other products. While many fiber types require chemical treatment during processing to remove this waxy residue, alpaca fibers do not, due to their lack of lanolin. Alpaca products are the purest available, free from processing toxins as well as tacky buildup.

5. No Moisture Absorption

Alpaca fibers do not absorb moisture and are thus a natural choice for extreme activities, including cold-weather garments, workout wear, and camping blankets.

6. All-Around Rugged

Although alpaca fibers are known for their softness, their pilling-resistant makeup creates endurance in all kinds of garments, including clothing, toys, and bedding.

If you’re seeking a product that can stand the test of time, look no further than alpaca fibers. Soft yet strong, these fibers don’t quit and promise all the softness, strength, and warmth you desire!

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