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Benefits of Raising Alpaca

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Maybe you saw an alpaca at a country fair and fell in love, or a friend suggested you look into purchasing an animal or two to raise on your 1+ acre of land. People come to the alpaca lifestyle through many different avenues. However, if you are thinking of bringing one of these sweet creatures into your life, you probably want to know the benefits before leaping head-first.

Alpaca are easy to care for, gentle, social animals. In addition, owning and raising alpaca is a financially strong decision. Read on to find out how owning these delightful animals can improve your life and even become an income source!

Furry Friends

Alpaca make great pets. Simple to nurture, they are safe for and kind to children. They do not challenge fences and are not destructive to their pens. While raising a single alpaca is not advised, due to their social needs, a pair or more will create pleasant comradery on your property. Alpaca are naturally curious and enjoy interacting with their caretakers. In them you will find gentle, communicative pets.

A Sense of Community

There are a wide variety of groups and events in the Pacific Northwest for alpaca owners and their beloved livestock. Alpacapalooza is an annual event organized by The Alpaca Association of Western Washington (AAWW), where regional alpaca owners can come together to socialize, share their livestock, swap tips, sell products, and go home with ribbons and prizes. The Alpaca Group is a proud sponsor of and participant in this event.

If you are involved in fiber arts and crafts, alpaca fiber provides an exceptional base for handspinning. Interweave provides a list of regional spinning groups that offer crafters a sense of community. The best part? By shearing your alpaca – a necessary part of regular alpaca care – you create instant material to fuel your craft.

Tax Benefits

Raising alpaca can create a pleasing tax benefit for you at the end of the year. If you decide to breed your animals, these animals are considered a capital asset. Thus, their care may be able to be categorized as a business expense. Any income derived from the sale of a capital asset may be taxed at a lower rate than other sources of income, and you could be able to  deduct the expenses associated with caring for your animals, including veterinary bills, feed bills, and even marketing costs.

Tangible property may also be depreciated, including barns and fences. Owning and breeding alpaca is an excellent way to generate tax-deferred wealth building. For those nearing retirement, the passive income generated from a small alpaca farm can add to the appeal of the alpaca lifestyle. However, because tax laws vary considerably depending on each individual’s situation, be sure to contact an expert to find out exactly what deductions and benefits apply to you.

Our Buy Back Program

If you would like to not only own alpaca but make money back on each cria born from one of our Dams (female alpaca), you’ll love our Buy Back program! Each Dam you purchase will be pregnant. When her baby is six months of age, we will be happy to buy him or her back from you at 40% of the purchase price of the mother. If you decide to breed your Dam with one of our World Class Herdsires once again, we would be happy to buy this baby back from you as well, again at 40% of the original cost of the mother. This program allows you to make back the original cost of your alpaca purchase, and provides a financially sound option for individuals who wish to keep their herds small.

Raising Alpaca can be a fantastic experience, and opens doors for you to finance a refreshing farm lifestyle that includes annual shows, the excitement of breeding with our champion herdsires, crafting with world-famous fibers, and so much more. Want more info? Contact our informed and enthusiastic staff!

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