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Learn the Financial Benefits of Alpaca Ownership

Brown alpaca (Lama or Vicugna pacos) criaOne of our many goals at The Alpaca Group is to promote the sustainable alpaca lifestyle, which has created profit and peace of mind for so many owners and breeders. With our Buy Back program, you have the opportunity to partake in the alpaca lifestyle while making back your initial investment. We also offer financing options and are happy to provide information on the many tax benefits provided by alpaca ownership.

Our Buy Back Program

When you purchase a female alpaca from The Alpaca Group, she will be pregnant. Alpaca breed within one week of giving birth, and have an 11-month gestation period, which ensures that our Dams (female alpaca) are continually expecting. Once your Dam gives birth, you will have the opportunity to sell her cria back to The Alpaca Group or to keep the baby to raise as part of your growing herd.

Our program includes two levels, Premium and Standard:

  • Premium: At the premium level, with the purchase of any pregnant Dam at $15,000 or more, you will have an option to sell your male or female cria back to us at 40% of the initial price when the animal has reached six months of age. If you then choose to re-breed your Dam to one of our Champion Herdsires, you will have the option to sell us back your second cria at 40% of what was paid for your initial Dam, when the cria has reached 6 months of age.
  • Standard: At the standard level, you have the opportunity to sell back any female cria born from any Dam you purchase from us when that baby is six months old, at 40% of what you paid for the mother. If you decide to re-breed with one of our herdsires, you will once again be able to sell the resulting cria back to our ranch at 40% of the original cost of the Dam.

Alpaca FinancingBy taking advantage of our Buy Back program, you can potentially make back $6000-$12,000 in your first year of alpaca ownership, and more if you continue to breed your Dams with us (based up the $15k above). This program can help you cover the costs of feeding and caring for your alpaca, upkeeping your farm, and investing in other ventures. Alpaca ownership creates an enjoyable lifestyle and financial freedom.


Qualified buyers will be able to finance their alpaca purchase by putting down an initial 25% or more of the purchase price as a down payment. We require that all financed animals be insured.


Tax Benefit Potential

The tax code in the United States may allow for a deduction of alpaca-related costs, which can include some or even all of the purchase price of an alpaca, or farm equipment or farm building costs, all considered to be expenses associated with the raising and keeping of your animals.

Tax rules are complex and can change, so it is in your best interests to consult with a trusted tax advisor to determine applicability, based on your particular scenario.


We are proud to offer alpaca boarding at our Ridgefield farm. Here, your alpaca will enjoy herd interaction, pasture grazing, and round the clock care and feeding from our expert staff.

If you would like to add alpaca to your herd or are looking to purchase your very first animal, our experienced team would love to help. Contact us today to discuss your options, or to schedule a visit at our farm!

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